How make money quick $700 per week on Flippa

How make money quick $700 per week on Flippa

Over the past year, I actually havecreated quite $15,000 mistreatment Flippa to sell startup WordPress websites. I don’t savvy to code, I’m not a slick salesperson, and I’ve done this all whereas juggling multiple unrelated offline jobs. during thisarticle, I’m attending to tell you specifically however I did it, and the way you'll be able to do a similar factor.

Humans are flipping things for profit ever since the Neanderthals started commercialism nicely formed rocks for tattered loincloths, then fix up those loincloths and commercialismthem for 2 nicely formed rocks.

website square measure the loincloths of the twenty firstcentury.

The barrier for entry is low, as anyone will find out how to createa basic web site, and mercantilism that web site has ne'er been easier because ofFlippa.

Flippa is that the much lovedmarketplace for purchasing and mercantilism websites. It attracts a large audience, and it offers nice tools to extend your auction’s visibility.

Interestingly, Flippa began as SitePoint’s terribly own SitePoint Marketplace before spinning off into its own company. Man we’re cool.

If you’re willing to dedicate a bitcapital, a moderate quantity of your time and a great deal of loincloths, flipping on Flippa willweb you some serious coin. The platform has seen quite $140 million in sales since its 2009 launch.

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If you wish to contribute theretovariety, heed the subsequentrecommendation.

Target a distinct segment
Before you invest one cent into the endeavor, you would like to come to a decision what your web site goes to be regarding.

The overwhelming knowledge is to settle on a highly-targeted niche.

If you’re already dependent on, or have vital data of, a distinct segment topic, build that your start line. If you reside a highforty reasonably life and niches simply aren’t your factor, do some analysis and notice a distinct segment with potential.

Carrot peeling techniques, nail clipper reviews, mouse pads made of recycled low cups – these square measure all valid niches to pursue, as a result ofthey're extremely targeted.

Cornering a distinct segmentsuggests that extirpation a largeswath of competition. The mouse pad market may well bethronged, however mouse pads made of recycled low cups? Open frontier, baby.

Report advertising
But here’s the tough half. whereas the niche ought to be extremely targeted, it ought toeven have a following. Your job isn’t to make AN audience out of nothing, it’s to create a pharos for them to flock toward.

Build vs. Buy
Now that you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to secure a web site. do you have to build it, or obtain it? Let’s verify what goes into every.

Build It
Unless you’re an onlinedeveloper, building a web sitegoes to price many greenbacks. However, it in all probabilitywon’t price the maximum amountas shopping for AN existing web site.

You can teach yourself after all, however if you would like it done quick, you’re attending to wish to rent a developer.

During now I discovered key factors that have had a seriousimpact on my success:

1 Sell Great­ trying, purposefulStartup Websites
Right now everybody appears to be all regarding building startup websites like Facebook and AirBNB.

There square measurebooks regarding making startups, thousands of diary articles, workshops, webinars and seminars – it’s just like the next gold rush. In my opinion, and from personal expertise, there square measure 2 ways in whichto make the most a gold rush:

A. Dig for gold hoping to take advantage big…Or…B. Sell the shovels and build steady financial gain

I like B. I sell the shovels here on Flippa to the entrepreneurs of the longer term.

I brainstorm netstartup concepts, I build them out, I take my time planning them to seem sensible, and so I placethem up for auction on Flippa wherever entrepreneurs obtainthem. It very is that straightforward. as an example, Aerial Connect was a drone pilot directory. My plan was to possessa directory website whereverassets agents may notice drone pilots to require aerial pictures of properties. once discovering a WordPress directory theme that slot in with this idea, i noticedthat I may get the thought to promote inexpensively.

The Art of import supplementalname Flipping

#2 Learn The Art of import Add Domain Flipping

I usually get messages from different Sellers on the lines of “I have an excellent domains… however they don’t sell at value|the value} i believe they’re worth.” maybe astonishingly, most of those folks even havegood domains, however what they lack, is a capability to sell verity price of those domains to potential consumers. One answerto the present issue that I actually have discovered, could be atechnique i prefer to decisionprice add domain flipping.

The basic plan is that rather thantroubled to explain the potential user price of a specific domain, you merely build that business idea out, take it to promote with token investment, and immidiately place it up purchasable.

So here’s my strategy: i prefer to begin my seek for a high qualitydomain on Flippa within theDomains Marketplace. I sometimes choose the Search Filter “reserve met”. As of this writing, there square measureroughly 900 reserve met domain listings on Flippa. I set an extrafilter for domains that square measure auctioning below $100. during this vary (i.e. reserve met auctions for below $100), I’ve found that I’m sometimes solelycompetitory with one or 2different bidders – therefore there square measure many sensibleopportunities to be had.

Here square

measure simplymany samples of nice names I’ve snagged and flipped as websites mistreatment this process:


Bought domain on Flippa for $47, engineered an evening club finder for it, and sold it on Flippa for $1,000

Bought domain on Flippa for $45, engineered a roofing company directory for it, and sold it on Flippa for $504

Bought domain on Flippa for $250, engineered a University Finder out of it, and sold it period of time later for $505.

Flippa listings? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered! That phase of the course is offered separately. It’s Associate in Nursing hour long tutorial on however I produce the right Flippa listing description, the days/times i prefer to begin Associate in Nursing auction, and it even includes my actual listing example.

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