Earn Money $500 aDay from Rental own apartement

Earn Money $500 aDay from Rental own apartement

Earn Money $500 aDay from Rental own apartement

Daily apartment rental is indeed central to become the trend. Apartment at USA, in the area of for example, some target customers daily.

a marketing agent Apartment Hollywood LA luxury  Park  speak daily rental profits almost doubled compared to the monthly rent.

He gave an example, average daily rental price for 1 bed room (BR) ranged from $80-$100 monthly rents
Regular clients who rent an apartment Hollywood LA luxury  Park  mostly families or groups of employees of a company that a stopover in Los angeles. Facilities on offer include air conditioner (AC), LCD TV, fridge, wardrobe, spring bed, a sofa bed, kitchen set, microwave, dispenser, and water heater.

Earn Money $500 aDay from Rental own apartement

Clients can also access facilities and ATM access, taxi, mini market, safety, cafes, spacious parking, balcony, cable TV, swimming pool, playground, and sports who each serve for 24 hours.

Almost 50% of apartment Hollywood LA luxury  Park  for rent daily, monthly and yearly. The rest is occupied by the owner. For its own agents in the Hollywood LA luxury  Park  more or less there are about 20 marketing agency.

As an agent, of course, smart-smart Saefudin have to hook customers. He had to compete with other agents.  How, in addition to promoting via online, he further optimize through service excellence.

Any clients who book apartments, she provided services to the maximum possible. Of course with residential facilities already assured the ready-made. Other services for example, he positioned customers really other King. It is not rare, a cell phone rang Saefudin received calls from clients.

I feel more optimal services compared to other agents.  Sorry-sorry, if another agency, after booking, rather continue to let clients for granted.  if I were you "he said to the Business not long ago.

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 the more selective it accepted in order to avoid unwanted risks. Prospective clients who book apartments were interviewed first in order to find out the information the data themselves clearly.

It is more selective to accept guests among the young. Examples of such risks for example makes the apartment as a place of such immoral pageant esek-esek and drug deals.

 "So in General, each apartment rentals always apply payments 2 times the rents as security. If the guest does not make the vagaries, we return the deposit as a whole, "he said.
  business rental apartments is indeed quite profitable. Director of Nata Solution Pratama, a company engaged in the field of applications and information technology (IT) & was already plunging rents his apartment since 2010.

 "Investments in property like this apartment fair also turned out than when I played in stock, fortunately obvious, " he explained to a business that rents the unit 1 stall in the same area.
Found this apartment rental business is quite seductive A he often took the time to monitor the development of the business with daily rental system.
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